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Coordinating, Networking, Bookings, Promoting, Sponsoring, Vending, Marketing and etc usually is the Matrix for Organizing a successful Event. Many have no clue of the magnitude behind production. There is a clear, significant difference in being the planner and the invitee.

Reserved for V.I.P.

If you haven’t gotten the memo by now- allow me….Atlanta, GA has a reputation for being one of the most competitive, urban, Southern, hospitable, pretentious, inspiring, inconsistent, prosperous (all in one) cities in the US. Why do I use such an illustration? Easy, Perception. Some may find it difficult to adapt to and others- fit right in!

After haven resided in the city for several years and being active in entertainment; one of the more observations I have been aware of is-Imagery.


Our eyes appeal to Growth, Wealth, Success….. We love some Lights, Camera and Red Carpet. We even fool ourselves into thinking- we have finally arrived! Tuuuhu

There are, without a doubt, a lot of contributors to the birth of this type facade. I’ll refrain from naming (for now). However, I will submit that success should definitely Not be measured by a zip code, vehicle, or what department store you patronize- rather Your internal growth.

In No way- am I implying that having nice possessions is a bad thing. Or that you should even be okay with mediocrity. No Way! Rather a simple declaration- that “things” don’t “Measure” success. I’m totally All for cheer-leading. But I feel (somewhere along the way) the messages have gotten misconstrued. ‘We’ want the trophy but not everyone is up for the challenge! Unfortunately, we’d rather believe ‘building the Empire’ was done overnight.

Working in the Entertainment Industry has certainly taught me truths about myself, quickly. Not everything is what it appears. Simple arithmetic has shaped and predicated my thoughts and behaviors.

If “IT” does not Add to Me… “IT” is taking away!

Now, as I thrive- I realize there are a few applications that would yield the real “VIP” incentive.

Principles are very Practical but a reflection of Living In Your Authentic Truths!